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Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service
HTPC Pet Care


Please email us to request a current rate schedule- no obligation. When requesting a rate, please specify which town you live in and the type of pet you own. Our rates start at $16/visit in Hackettstown. Higher rates may apply depending on your location. We are independently owned and operated, therefore our rates are very competitive.

We do not charge for our initial consultation visit.

During this required visit we will spend up to an hour becoming acquainted with you and your pets. We will take notes about your pets feeding and care, along with any other information we may need to be sure your pets and home will be safe and secure while you’re away.

Each of our standard visits lasts 30 minutes, although shorter or longer visits can be scheduled. This is for our daily walks as well as each vacation visit we make to your home. Our flexibility allows us to be able to spend the optimal amount of time your pets require.

Exercise is important to your pet’s mental and physical well-being. Unless requested otherwise, we take your dog(s) for a brisk, refreshing walk, varying the route each time. They will look forward to our visits. Your feline companion will also enjoy some individual quiet or playful time at each visit, whichever they prefer.

We are competent dosing any type of medication at no additional charge. Please refer to our Policies page.

We are experienced horse owners. Rates on barn visits are dependent on the number of animals and chores requested.

Our vacation visits will also include bringing in your mail and newspapers, putting out garbage for pick-up, watering indoor and outdoor plants, altering lights, adding pool chemicals and skimming, and other services as requested.