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We love puppies.  Who doesn’t?  However, bringing a new dog of any age into your home can be disruptive to your usual daily routine.  Not to mention the challenge of housebreaking a new youngster.  We’re here to help you and your new addition make the transition as smooth as possible.  The staff at HPTC have many years of experience raising and training puppies.  We have a lot of advice to offer and the patience needed to help a young pup learn his/her manners.  Jan has worked as a Breeding Farm assistant at a guide dog facility.  While there she helped breed, whelp and wean future guide dog puppies.  She also taught puppy raisers about basic training with their pups.  Many staff members at HPTC have raised their own dogs from puppyhood.  We all understand the importance of socialization to people, other dogs and new situations.  Please see what the AVSAB has to say about puppies and socialization.

At HPTC we firmly believe in positive reinforcement training techniques.  We can help with your training by providing consistent reinforcement of your pup’s current lessons.  Nothing makes us happier than to see puppies develop into trusting, confident and well socialized companions.   Jan thoroughly enjoys training her own dogs and has worked with them in such areas as tracking, search & rescue, basic obedience and agility. 

We do not offer short “potty break” visits for puppies as some other dog walkers do.  It is not fair to your energetic pup to take him out only briefly and then quickly put him away just as he’s beginning to have fun.   Our experience has shown that a distracted pup can take much longer than a 10-15 minute visit to “get down to business”.     We’ll always do what our experience has proven to work best for your pet.